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RE: [ENG] Little Venice, Venezuela / [ESP] La pequeña Venecia, Venezuela

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Hello @marcosmilano71! I’m amazed at the connection of the name Venezuela to the humble origins of your country’s earliest architectural abodes called Palafitos. Those settlers who lived on stilt houses above water must have been expert swimmers also right? Their adaptation to the aquatic environment gives us a glimpse of human evolution and can teach us a lot of lessons about man’s survival mechanisms.

Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting article about your nation’s architectural history! Awesome!


Hey, @storiesoferne. Good night from Venezuela. Thank you for your comment. Yes, my friend, they are great swimmers, since children are on the water and on canoes, boats and boats, that is their way of life because they are also excellent fishermen. They live off the fruits of the sea, river or lagoon depending on their geographical location. For example, the village of Ceuta is a village located on the East Coast of Lake Maracaibo that is fully built on palafitos and there everything revolves around the water.

Hola @storiesoferne. Buenas noches desde Venezuela. Gracias por tu comentario. Si, amigo, ellos son grandes nadadores, desde niños están en el agua y sobre canoas, embarcaciones y lanchas, esa es su forma de vida porque además son excelentes pescadores. Ellos viven de los frutos del mar, el río o de la laguna según su ubicación geográfica.Por ejemplo, el pueblo de Ceuta es un pueblo situado en la Costa Oriental del Lago de Maracaibo que es totalmente construído sobre palafitos y allí todo gira entorno al agua

@storiesoferne Here I leave you a video of the people of Ceuta and a musical background of the Zulian singer-songwriter Ricardo Cepeda where he describes a little the life of his people and the eternal problems they have for the carelessness of the government for those inhabitants.

@storiesoferne Aquí te dejo un video del pueblo de Ceuta y un fondo musical del cantautor zuliano Ricardo Cepeda donde describe un poco la vida de su gente y los problemas eternos que tienen por el descuido del gobierno para con esos pobladores.

Thank you so much for sharing this informative video @marcosmilano71! In fact, I'm already enjoying learning more about Venezuela directly from a kind-hearted Venezuelan like you! The Palafitos are symbolic landmarks and are your country's architectural heritage, thus deserve the name "Little Venice"!