My entry to Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 195. Shadow of a pedestal.

in Shadow Hunters6 months ago
As I always keep in mind the initiative convened by @melinda010100, from the #ShadowHunters community, in this space today I want to share the shadow of one of the parals where the coffin rests.

My participation.

I went through the experience of losing my mother, just a few days ago, among the things that were brought as part of the catafalque was a pedestal made with smooth black rope, whose function was to hold the coffin, it seemed to me resistant, versatile in addition to fulfilling the decorative function. It caught my attention and I took a picture of it to share it.

Photo taken with my Xiaomi Redmi, 9C.

If you want to participate this is the link:


Oh my goodness. What a poignant Shadow photo. I am so very sorry for your loss and I'm sending love and hugs.

Very nice and complex shadow. Thanks for entering the contest. 😎

hello dear friend @blanca56 good afternoon
I'm very sorry for your loss, my deepest condolences
I really appreciate that you introduced us to this image that casts a well-defined shadow.