entry SMASh 230: next level shadows

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if you are the type that is attracted to things of a shady nature then here is the contest for you:

now here is a curious summer shadow scene worth taking a close look at

the sun is shining from behind and over a house on the other side of the street. that roof of that house with a chimney is casting a shadow on the street and parts of the sidewalk. the house i am facing has a big display window which is reflecting light back onto the sidewalk and street. the reflection from the window is the big square shape in the middle

the rope fence is partly in the shadow of the house's chimney. the shadow of the first section of rope on the sidewalk caused by direct sunlight is broken up. yet the shadow on the street of that section of rope from the reflected light is whole! now look to the right side of the photo and the shadows from next section of rope. the direct sunlight shadow is longer than the reflected light shadow because of the placement of the window.

along the wall there is a pink flower pot and a white trash bin. notice there are four distinct squares with different shades of gray. the light area in front of the flower pot is in full sunshine. to the right of that near the trash bin the area is lighter because it is lit from full sunshine and also from the reflection from the window. by the fence pole the area is darkened by the shadow of the house but it is lit up from the reflection from the window. the darkest area to the left is in the 'normal' shadow of the house.

zooming in we can see the striped shadow of the seat of the chair. the pink towel over the back of the chair beside the trash bin is also casting shadows from both direct and reflected light but the weak shadow from the reflected light is negated in the area where the light is direct. in addition to all this there is an opaque sign in the window so that area is not reflecting light but instead is creating a dark patch in the middle equally as dark as the areas of shade from the house behind.

i am sure there is more to point out here but it is already complicated enough.
happy shadow hunting to all


That is one of the most complicated Shadow photos that I have ever seen. Leave it to you! It is quite marvelous! Thanks for entering the shadow contest again. You kept me busy looking through this photo.♥️

the funny thing is that it is just an everyday street scene. it does help living so far north that most of the time when the sun is shining it is low in the sky but i guarantee scenes like this are not so rare. sadly they are overlooked by everybody except for the odd shadow hunter.

This time of year most of my sunlight is blocked by leaves on the trees. You are lucky. Even if you are odd, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone!