¨ShadowHuntersContest¨ # 161 Shadow of the ¨Gral¨ ¨Belgrano¨ bridge

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Hello ¨shadowhunters¨; Glad to be here ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨:   with other shadow lovers . I really like this community for the human quality, they make me feel at home; This is my participation to accompany the invitation of our dear friend @melinda010100 to participate in the ¨ShadowHuntersContest¨:  

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Our city has many icons that represent us, the ¨Gral¨ ¨Belgrano¨ bridge and the murals are one of them, this time we were able to combine both icons in a single image; This is the imposing Corrientes bridge giving shadows to some of the city's murals

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The ¨Gral¨ ¨Belgrano¨ bridge has been standing since the year I was born; It has been joining us with the ¨Ciudad¨ de ¨Resistencia¨ for more than 52 years. An imposing bridge that is more than 17 blocks long; It was a real pleasure to have "immortalized" with our photographs the "shadows" of him

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I want to end by "thanking" all the people who do so much for our community. @ocd @good-karma @ecency @pixresteemer #archon @taskmanager @galenkp @annephilbrick @melinda010100 @nelinoeva; We build a community among all the members, it is the reason to establish how 10% of the collection of this post will benefit our beloved community

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These photographs were taken by my wife Gabriela and my son Ramiro with a ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera in our beautiful ¨Ciudad¨ de ¨Corrientes¨

Source: Family Album


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It is a pleasure dear friends @ecency, very grateful for the great support you provide to our community
I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid weekend

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I love bridges and this is certainly a grand one! The murals are beautiful and that bridge casts some massive shadows! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest again and thanks for all the support you give the community!

Thank you dear friend @ melinda010100 for seeing the beauty in my images, you are very kind, always be very grateful for everything you do for me
have a beautiful night, have happy dreams

Buenas noches amigo... te felicito, están muy hermosas y coloridas todas las fotografías, me encantaron! Me sentí identificada con el colibrí posando su vuelo encima de la flor de loto. Muchas gracias por compartir... U abrazo!

Eres muy gentil querida amiga @kristal24, aprecio de corazón tus amables palabras y todo el apoyo que me brindas. Esa obra de arte es preciosa.
Un brazo para ti y un cariño grande para toda tu familia

Those arts are beautiful!

how are you dear friend @ rem-steem
very happy that my images have been to your liking, I really appreciate the great support you give me
have a beautiful night and a happy rest

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Impressive bridge and very nice murals.

Thank you very much dear friends @ hive-179017 for your kind words and support for my post
I wish you all a splendid week and enjoy it very much

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Thank you very much dear friends @bdcommunity @ rem-steem. for appreciating and supporting my work
I wish you all a prosperous week

Impressive murals @jlufer!
Great shadow created by the bridge!

how are you dear friend @ silversaver888 good evening thank you very much for appreciating my images and the great support you give me every day
have happy dreams

very interesting bridge art

Thank you very much dear friend @eolianpariah you are very kind
I appreciate this pleasant visit
have a beautiful afternoon

Love all that graffiti on that bridge 👍

How are you dear friend @andyjim I hope you had a beautiful weekend