Shadows and reflections that have captivated me this week- Sombras y reflejos que me han cautivado esta semana

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Hola amigos apasionados de los ¨reflejos¨ y ¨sombras¨; Estoy nuevamente en esta maravillosa ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨: Para compartir con todos ustedes las imágenes que me han cautivado esta semana. Felicito a todos los que participan y comparten sus post en nuestra comunidad; Quiero que sepan que hacen un trabajo admirable

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Hello friends who are passionate about ¨reflections¨ and ¨shadows¨; I am again in this wonderful ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨:   To share with all of you the images that I have been captivated this week. I congratulate all who participate and share their post in our community; I want you to know that you do an admirable job

Antes de compartir mi selección semanal, deseo agradecer a todos los que hacen posible los concursos en nuestra comunidad. @galenkp @melinda010100 @annephilbrick @good-karma @cency @pixresteemer @taskmanager #archon @traciyork @farm-mom @nelinoeva. Es admirable la calidad de las presentaciones, siempre es difícil poder decidir solo tres imágenes por categoría

Before I share my weekly selection, I want to thank everyone who makes contests possible in our community. @galenkp @melinda010100 @annephilbrick @good-karma @cency @pixresteemer @taskmanager #archon @farm-mom @nelinoeva. The quality of the presentations is admirable, it is always difficult to say only three images per category

¨Theshadow of the TreeofLove¨: 

Autor @alechi ¨Fuente¨: 

¨LaceCurtain Shadows¨: 

Autor @elitogold ¨Fuente¨: 


Autor @borjan ¨Fuente¨: 

¨ReflectionContestRound ~ 34¨¨ReflectionofTeas inDifferentGlasses¨: 

Autor @maonx ¨Fuente¨: 

¨ReflectionHuntersContest Round # 35¨¨Parallel Worlds¨: 

Autor @juancar347¨Fuente¨: 

¨Puddles of Inspiration¨ ¨ReflectionHuntersContest Round34¨: 

Autor @ninahaskin ¨Fuente¨: 

El 50% de lo que recaude este post, es para nuestra querida- 50% of what this post collects is for our dear ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨: 


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You are very kind! @jlufer

Thank you very much for highlighting my post amongst your favorites from the many wonderful entries in the ShadowHunters Community! Truly an honor!

Hope you have a good weekend!💕

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What a beautiful selection of posts this week! Wow! I need to find someone willing to do a weekly post for Archon Community supported contests. Let me know if you think of someone willing to take on that project!

Hello dear friend @melinda010100 good afternoon
Thank you very much for appreciating my selection, you are very kind.
I will be attentive to see if I can find you someone who wants to collaborate. I reach out to Discord for details.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

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