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RE: A "Tree of Life" for Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 130

Trees have always had a spiritual connection with many civilizations over the thousands of year of human existence.
Trees have life spans that can exceed generations of humans, their wood to build our homes, furnish our homes and provide heat. Fruit that feed us, shade we can enjoy and beauty we can admire.

No wonder that they take on a anthropomorphic and or a metaphoric meaning in various religious text.

And of course these always remind me of one our favorite YouTube Pourer, Mr. Zeke on Instagram.

And he's back to Pouring again.

Always, with eternal Love ...
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Yeah the Tree of Life is what I thought of when i saw your thumbnail. Awesome photo! Also I really like how you layout your blog it helps users like myself who are trying to become more active and involved.

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I have several Tree of Life pours from him... this one is SUPERCHUNK!

I am glad he is back again! I love his work.
Oh goodness, I just remembered, we do have a discord chat too! See you there!
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