Hail Yeah - Show Me A Shadow Round 164

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Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to another week of the Shadow Hunters Contest!

Last weekend there were severe thunderstorms, heavy rains as well as the unique phenomenon called hail in the Midwest area where I live.

Within minutes the sunny skies darkened, blustery winds blew, followed by rapidly beating "ping pingping pingpingping" sounds of hail outside striking surfaces that echoed throughout my home.


Almost as soon as I hastily finished capturing video footage and photographs, the storm passed and the sun came out again. If you look closely at the images, you can see the lingering hail scattered in the grass.





Here is another set of photos of the shadows cast from the deck onto the hail-scattered lawn.


The image above is my entry for the contest



By the way, if you enjoy shadow guessing games join in the Guess the Shadow Contest fun by clicking 👉 here

The sixth photo is my entry for the Show Me A Shadow - Round 169 #ShadowHunters #ShadowContest created by the lovely @melinda010100 and hosted by the talented @annephilbrick. And a big thank you to the wonderful curators/sponsors/supporters @nelinoeva @galenkp @good-karma @ecency @ocd @pixresteemer #archon. Learn more about how to join the fun and remember to add the link to your entry to the main post located 👉 here

Thank you for stopping by today!

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and edited using Prismart

© 2021 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved


Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by and visit my blog. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Stay safe & keep healthy!


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much! @pixresteemer

Hey @ninahaskin, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Very kind of you! Always appreciate a cold brewsky! Cheers @pixresteemer

Lovely hail shadows! We do have hail storms to lookout for now, don't we? Thanks for including so much information about the community in your post! ♥️

It's my pleasure, Melinda! Thank you for starting and maintaining this awesome challenge and community throughout all the platforms. I always feel like there was someone I left out - hopefully not.

Hail and tornadoes are two of the worst weather scenarios we have to deal with the next couple of seasons. The insurance storm chasers already started calling & leaving pamphlets at the door for free estimates on our roof checking for hail damage. Sharks!

I think you covered it! We are so lucky to have such great support!
We had our first 70° day today. Storm season is upon us.

The hail is a disastrous for the crops. We have hail from time to time here too.
The shadow and edits are brilliant.

How very generous of you! @hive-179017

Thankfully the phenomenon doesn't happen that often but yes, it leaves a very damaging trail.

Look like rock salt everywhere!

hail @ninahaskin. nice shadows. and thanks for mentioning the guess the shadow contest. much appreciated

Superb shadow mixed with the hail stones perfect timing 😊

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