Europe - The Final Countdown solo

in World of Music10 months ago

Hi Hive!

One of the most memorable synth riffs, I think everyone knows this song! Had an awesome solo too ;) John Norum, we see you!

Guitar harmony delivered by this awesome backing track

Thanks for listening in. See you in the next one!

Peace and love to you all.


Wow what an awesome solo! A favourite and you just made it better!

Hey Sally ! Thanks so much, so pleased you liked it!

How good is that?! You nailed it. Only thing that was missing was you didn’t dye your hair blonde and get a perm.

True, should have found me a wig! Thanks for the support man!

Keep going!!

Nice one Kaminchan! More coming soon!

Amazing skill !

Wow thanks! I really appreciate your support!

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Thanks very much!!