My Shred Collab 5 solo!

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HI Hivers!!

It has been an incredible end to 2021. I have been lucky enough to have been part of another awesome collaboration with a bunch of amazing guitarists around New Zealand.

Beyond that I am soon to be releasing my own album, have been busy in the studio lately and will be ready for release early 2022. I couldn't be happier with how this year is turning out! You can be sure I will be sharing the tracks off my album as soon as it is released.

Thanks to everyone here who supports me, It really means so much to me!

My Shred Collab 5 solo!

Was part of another amazing shred collab! Thanks for the man Shahrukh Hussain for sorting this one out!

Check out the full 'Shred Collab 5' here

everyone's solos are crazy!

Peace and Love to you all !


What an epic sound! Thats amazing news about your album due for release soon! You must be sooooo stoked that it is coming together at last. Fulfilling our dreams is life changing stuff! I wish you so much success with it!