Telos ambassador Task 1 : onboard a nonprofit organization.

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There are 100,000 nonprofit organizations listed on
So you can pick up the organization of your choice and write a nice letter to explain to the board than the members of the nonprofits can get a basic income when they follow the certification. Why not ask a membership paid in ACORN or in TLOS ?
It is not difficult.

You do not have a nonprofit in your city to collect and recycle trashes ? Why not funding one ? @cleanplanet will pay your organization to collect trashes in your area. They are many exemples of recycling wastes.

Make a post about recycling and earn some Hive.
You can post a dpoll on Hive an earn some Hive. Again, the members of your organizations will earn 1 ACORN per month if they reach the certification.
They are so many action you can perform on Hive or on telos, look at @thegreens, take exemple on what they are doing.

Nonprofits could also spread Onfocoin.

You can follow #telokanda, you can follow #challengedac, so many projects !!!

Onboard a nonprofit

You will earn 100 more JOY when you wite a post to tell what you have done to onboard a nonprofit