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Authored by @macchiata


Welcome to Hive Book Club Highlight #80



Place : Hive Book Club Discord Server

Topic: Let's talk about literary devices in book

Time: 15 UTC

Host : @stevenson7

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Author : @herosik
Title : Witcher - Polish DBZ. Text about books and games.

My first contact with "The Witcher" was about 10-12 years old. I don't remember having any contact with Andrzej Sapkowski and his life success before the screening of the Polish film. In my family, no one read this book, and my friends didn't read it, and even if they were, they were only nerds like me or people who also read books (and as it was already a recognizable title, not only in Poland, it was a bit of a more popular than others). The film did not convince me - it had the potential for a good show (quite a budget, good actors), but as it happens in Poland (and it used to be much more often then) - some money was stolen + there was no uniform idea, so we got boring, funny, generally not enough attractive production. I missed the games up to 3 parts of the game (except for cinematics, which I watched because of Tomasz Bagiński and his Platige Image studio). Today I am trying to refresh them, but I think I will limit myself to the second part - unfortunately the first one has aged poorly and the words of my friend Mariusz turned out to be true. He told me I couldn't do it because the game was too archaic if you didn't play it at launch, which you will find out if you read the recently published text. I said that I was going to go through it, but I don't think I can do it - I don't want to waste another afternoon exhausting myself with the controls, the archaic way of fighting etc. The game has a great soundtrack and a great atmosphere, but that's not enough to convince me.


Author : @isnochys
Title : IBooRP: Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer #7 [DEU/ENG][SPOILER]

Jim and Lukas continue to explore the city of Ping. Hungry and cash-strapped, they try to implement an idea that does not meet with the approval of the inhabitants. Help comes to them in the form of a small child. Culinary customs are exchanged in the process.


Author : @davidesimoncini
Title : ||| LOBOOK ||| L'Ipotesi del male - Donato Carrisi [ENG-ITA]

Hello Hive!

Starting on the right foot, Lobook is an episodic initiative that I decided to launch by creating a very simple logo. As usual, and I stress it, it will only deal with my experience, nothing more.

What does it consist of? I'll summarize it like this, with the key steps of the process.

I get a book, usually buying or borrowing it. I read it. I take some illustrative photos to add as attachments. I provide a brief introduction and my personal opinion. In short, basically a blog like many of those that provide reviews. My vision, however, is more focused on providing a general and very concise idea of the book I have read, focusing little or nothing on anticipations of the plot and focusing more on my personal buying and reading experience.


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