Hive Book Club Highlight #218

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Authored by @namiks


Welcome to Hive Book Club Highlight #218



Thank you to everyone that contributed to our manga and manhwa contest! We saw a lot of new faces here in the community through it! Well, here are the winners! Prizes have already been sent!

1st place: @mandysmoon
2nd place: @oldfool
3rd place: @nmore
4th place: @shawnnft
5th plce: @queen-silvia
6th place: @shortshots


We are again sharing with you today's finely curated post in the community for your reading pleasure, and possibly book recommendations.

Returning to a book you've already read is often a challenge, and @mairene1 shares a list of books she just can't read more than once.

@aurodivys shares a heartfelt post regarding the last book she shared with her mother.

@the-bitcoin-dood shares a first edition print of "Star Wars Moving Target A Princess Leia Adventure" found a flea market.

Self-improvement is always a big part of the community, and @yolimarag shares a post on how to improve our behaviours!

@divergente1 reviews "An Unforgettable Love: Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

And lastly, @iuliapetit2711 shares her favourite books so far from 2023!


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Thank you very much @hivebookclub for conducting very interesting contest for Book Lovers. There are many participants with pretty cool entries. Really love reading their posts.

Congratulations for the winner :

@mandysmoon, @oldfool, @nmore, @shawnnft, @queen-silvia, @shortshots

Your posts are very cool and interesting, deserved the prize. Looking forward to the next contest :)


@queen-silvia Thanks! Your Naruto post was amazing! Kishimoto's Naruto is a classic and it'll be long time before a ninja comic/manga breaks out of its shadow, which reminds me I need to catch up on Boruto haha

Thanks! Congratulations to you too, your entry was awesome 🖤

You congrats yourself 😳. Thanks you did good too. Everyone did great 🚀

Thank you so so much @hivebookclub !! I truly love being part of this lovely community 🖤. I enjoy talking about new readings and manga is an amazing art, really recommended.
See you around, and again thank you very much✨

And congratulations to all of you for your amazing post!🖤
@oldfool @nmore @shawnnft @queen-silvia and @shortshots

That was a good one and well-deserved Mandy!

Congratulations @mandysmoon! Your post was fantastic! Recently started reading Uzamaki and it’s a beautiful terror. Ito’s stuff is so captivating and haunting haha

Thank you so much 🖤. Yes it is really captivating, especially the type of drawing.

Your post was also amazing ✨ Again, congratulations!

Thank you Mandy. Glad you enjou being part of this community 🙏

Congrats to you too! @mandysmoon

Thanks so much for recommending my post! I'm so glad to be a part of this lovely and amazing community! Greetings and congratulations to the other mentioned authors!

As always, we are happy to have you as our member!

Thank you for hosting such an enjoyable contest! I’ll be sure to participate in others when I can 😁

Looking forward to that but also, whenever you want to share your reviews, please do so! we are glad having you in our community.

Alright! I’ll write reviews too~

Thank you @hivebookclub for the mention! It was a lot of fun to take part in this contest and read so many amazing posts about manga/manhwa! It’s always great to be made aware of more people who share your interests by fun events like this! Thanks again!

Same here, we definitely had fun reading as well. I hope you can share more of Manga/manhwa review in our community.

thanks for recommending my post, probably those books you name others can read them many times, but I couldn't do it because I felt dismayed.

hehe I hope others find it delightful and helpful 😊

thank you so much 🙏 great contest hope to see more

You're welcome! see you in our future contests 😊

Ya for sure if I'm able to relate to the contest 🙏🙏

Thank you very much for the appreciation of my post, it was very nice the contest, it is very good to know that many people read so many mangas or manhwas in their free time.

You're welcome. We look forward to your future reviews in the community.

Congratulations everyone!