Congratulation to @samsmith1971 for winning the Higgs Bubble Dilemma Short Story Writing contest

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I am going to keep this post short. Congratulation to @samsmith1971 for winning the Higgs Bubble Dilemma Short Story Writing contest.

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Saviors of the Universe by @wrestlingdesires3.
Echo by @samsmith19715.
On the Eve of Decay by @litguru4.

Samantha won a 3 month delegation of 100,000 #creativecoin CCC.


If you didn't read the entries to this contest yet, you really should. Each of the three stories turned out absolutely amazing. The insightfull reviews are also a must read IMHO.

I'll be judging the three reviews soon to determine which one of the three reviewers should be the winner of the Higgs Bubble Dilemma Review contest.


Thank you so much @pibara for the wonderful opportunity to do something that I honestly did not think I could do. Write science fiction! And thank you for the wonderful delegation. I hope to make good use of it to the benefit of all whose articles and creative pieces I curate. Congrats to @wrestlingdesires and @litguru for their brilliant, amusing, and clever stories. I loved both of them and honestly think the decision could have gone in any one of 3 directions. I completely respect the competition outcome, however, would just like to add that I would be equally happy, even now, to share this delegation in a tiered manner with the other two contestants, if that would be something that you were open to doing. I honestly believe it was THAT close. It is your delegation though, so I leave it in your hands🙏

@pibara Just a couple of questions on the delegation of CCC and some advice sought ;-) Once you have finalised the allocation and delegation, where will I be able to see it? In one of the front-end wallets? And secondly, to make the best use of it for all concerned, do I need to ensure that I am curating in the CCC community, Hive Book Club community? or is it just a case of, over the period of the delegation, everyone who receives an upvote from me will also receive some CCC tokens? I want to do the delegation justice, so any advice and guidance would be welcomed🙏

It is important to realize that on HIVE, Communities and Scot Tribes are orthogonal. People can post in for example the Hive Book Club community, or the The Ink Well community, or any other community and if they use the #creativecoin tag, it will become a creativecoin post as well (that you can then curate).

You can:

With respect to claiming curation rewards, I would suggest using the central hive-engine site. I hope you will be staking your earnings and help #creativecoin grow after the delegation ends.

On a site note, @cliffagreen recently told me the people running the tribe site are considering disbanding it (what would be a huge bummer as it makes curation of the intersection of #creativecoin with specific tags or communities quite difficult). I hope they won't during your 3 month delegation, but I neither know their timetable nor motivation for this. Maybe @cliffagreen has some details on this.

Finaly, a little usefull tool for looking at Scot tribe tokens is this tool.

I hope this info is useful and sufficient for you to start curating with your delegation.

@pibara: The team has informed me that they will keep the front end operational for curation efforts. @samsmith1971: Congratulations on your delegation. 100,000 makes you a CCC whale! You can also connect with the Creative Coin community in the Discord server:


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Thank you! This is brilliant. Such useful information. All makes perfect sense. I've never seen those tools before; I think those will come in very handy and not just as far as CCC is concerned :-) I wasn't planning on cashing out any earnings any time soon so will definitely stake, as I do with POB and Hive. I did notice a staking icon on Hive engine on each of the token lines so will have a play there as I am definitely in it for the long haul ;-) The Hive is my writing home 💗 and I plan to be a part of building it up, not breaking it down. Thank you once again🙏

Congratulations @samsmith1971 for your win! It was a very well deserved victory for your imaginative story.

Congratulations to @wrestlingdesires for throwing your hat in the ring and superbly handling this complex topic.

A big thank to all reviewers who took the time to read and give us their insights. It helps to hone our craft and encourage us to keep writing.

Lastly but not least-ly, thank you @pibara for setting up this mind-bending challenge. Hopefully, the Higgs Bubble remains just a theoretical construct, and if it happens, then it happens at a time when we're well prepared to deal with the consequences (without the need of a fire wand).

Congratulations @samsmith1971 ♥️♥️♥️

You really deserve this :) I really hope we get another chance with a new theory, this has been so much fun :) !!! I loved reading your story and @litguru too :)

@pibara thanks so much for the contest :)


@pibara! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @wrestlingdesires.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (10/10)

Thank you my friend @wrestlingdesires, I truly appreciate the support🙏😊

I second that about another theory!

This was a great idea. The prompt was challenging (for me, anyway) but these authors really tackled it. They (and many many science fiction writers) are evidence that science and art are part of the same creative impulse. Inspiration is the fuel that drives both engines.

Have a great creative day and keep thinking up challenges for the Hive community.

I thanked the reviewers at the time of their submissions. In my view, they all provided fantastic feedback, measured, considered and well-articulated reviews, for all 3 of our entries. I wish them all the best of luck in the second part of the contest.

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