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RE: Three Stories Reviewed for @pibara's Short Story Contest

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Thank you @agmoore for your insightful handling of the reviews for each of our stories. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read them. Good luck in the review contest😊🙏


There was subtlety and sophistication in your story. I was impressed by your grasp of the science.

I think you should all win :)

Thank you... and as regards a winner, I couldn't agree more lol. I loved both of my fellow Hivers submissions. I thought they were spectacular.

Thanks :) I loved reading yours too :)

But how can we, when the rules are already in place :) ?

Thank you :)

😂What's that saying? Rules were made to be ...? ;-) I am seriously so proud of all 3 of our entries; I honestly don't know how I'd pick between them as a reviewer. Whichever
author (s) pick (s) up the gong, in the end, will have deserved it.

We have all already won :) And our stories got read by people who appreciate them too ♥️

Exactly, I felt like a winner just through the achievement of writing it, and we have been blessed with some very thoughtful and considered reviews🙏

Agreed :) I hope we will see a part two of this contest with a new prompt one day :)

I'd love to see what @pibara could come up with to top this!🤣💗