A Chess Game, A Wolf, A Raptor and Oatmeal Pancakes


Today, while playing a Portugal vs. India chess game with good friend @inuke , I was reminded of a character that I created a year ago. It was inspired by him, based on a remark he made in a text chat around one of our legendary chess games.

His words led to a character named M.M. Wolf ( Mildly Mannered Wolf ).

Today I felt like adding this hairy creature to my book in progress and so I did...


FYI: I wrote a bunch of Hypersensitivosaurus and M.M. Wolf stories since I invented this character and posted them on here. They all involved chess and / or oatmeal pancakes.

I don’t even know if @inuke likes oatmeal, let alone oatmeal pancakes, but Hypersensitivosaurus does and I do and I am the chef!

My book in progress is called 'Hypersensitivosaurus and Cold Turkey'. I planned to merely include those two chicken like characters but today I felt that adding M.M. Wolf might be a nice spring board to a future book. A future book that I already had in mind...


Find my previous 3 chess raptor wolf and oatmeal pancake stories here


yooo, so i see your book 2 is already in progress :-D I like this, the HyperZen Saur Saur universe :-D

Progress is a big word but it is simmering on a very low fire.

I am really honored to have a spot in your book. :-)
It is like the universe is telling me to be something more.
Thank You.

I don’t even know if @inuke likes oatmeal, let alone oatmeal pancakes

I love oatmeal. I will take oats on any given day.

Hoping to level the playing field in this match.
🖤 & ☮

So nice to read that you are moving forward with your book 🙂 It seems like you are really inspired at the moment! I guess you received your new charger?


:<) I think I charged myself...
Got out of bed earlier the last three days and feel pretty good. My laptop charger was actually delayed and was delivered at a friend‘s place today. Will pick it up tomorrow when I‘m at my sister’s again.


Hehe love the fact that life is integratable (is this even a word?) In your stories. Good one!

I love that you have so many books on the go, reminds me of me ;D