Unblocking the Stuffed Turkey

Cold Turkey.jpg

This is a brief follow up to yesterday's To Di No or Not to Di No, That's the Question, where I mentioned that I felt kind of stuck with my writing. Not surprisingly, my writing returned to me, in full(er) force, today. Yesterday it was just some mere drops in a dry bucket.

It seems like I reached the bottom of the ( dried out ) well and now water starts seeping in again. Let's see if I can keep the flow going.

Just now, I ended up researching turkeys. I merely wanted to find out whether they can fly or not and if they can or do swim. Not necessarily because CT ( Cold Turkey ), one of the two main characters in my upcoming book Hypersensitivosaurus and Cold Turkey, needs to act like a genuine ( wild ) turkey, but merely to know the ( turkey ) rules, so I can break as many of them as possible.

I am a rebel, after all, as my younger brother mentioned lately after our vaccinating fascinating recent chat that I referred to in Tired of Butting Heads - A Healthy Debate between Two Brothers in Times of Increasing Division

Apparently turkeys really like water. I wasn't even aware of that.

Only yesterday, @small1axe inquired, after having read my write up:

And now i wonder ,.. do turkeys swim ? ;-)

Here you've got your answer to that question. Now that doesn't mean that the turkey(s) in my story do swim, nor that they like water.

I'm gonna be a little bit cryptic here, but let's say that I already thought up a chapter in my book that is called 'Stuffed Turkey' ( I am a word joke guy, after all ), that talks about CT being sick after ending up in the water - the effect of what happens after the fearful moment on the rock.

TO BE CONTINUED soonish...

as I really need to focus more on my actual book writing. I just felt like sharing that I got unstuck again ;<)

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The image above this post depicts Cold Turkey, a character and drawing that came to me in February, as can be read in the story above this exact sentence.


Yay for getting unstuck!

Meanwhile I’m stuck again, seems like sometimes I can’t paint in 3d view and I haven’t yet figured out why or how I do manage to get it working sometimes but not others 🤣