Child Victim Of Iranian Regime HATED The Quran

in Atheism2 months ago

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The views and opinions expressed here are the commentators' own and do not reflect the official position of Atheist Republic.

9-year-old Kian Pirfalak is one of the youngest victims of the Islamic Republic of Iran's ongoing bloody and horrific crackdown on civilians. Kian was traveling home with his family in their car when they got caught in anti-government demonstrations. Authorities ordered them to turn their car around, but as they drove back toward police officers, some plainclothes officers opened gunfire on the family, filling the car with bullets. The Pirfalak's youngest child was able to hide, but Kian was chubby and couldn't find a position to take cover. Kian was shot numerous times, and his father was also wounded. Videos of Kian's lifeless body, surrounded by ice, went viral. This was a chilling symbol, as the Pirfalak family was forced to ask their neighbors for ice to preserve Kian's body until burial because they knew that if the body was taken to the morgue, authorities would steal it. Iranian authorities are notorious for snatching the bodies of protesters and refusing to release them until the families gave a forced confession that aligned with their version of events. At Kian's funeral, his mother gave a passionate speech declaring the Islamic Republic to be responsible for Kian's death, and asking mourners not to read or recite the Quran, as this was something that Kian hated.

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