BBC Documentary Reveals Story Of Nigerian Imprisoned For Atheism

in Atheism4 months ago

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The views and opinions expressed here are the commentators' own and do not reflect the official position of Atheist Republic.

BBC Africa recently released a new documentary titled "The Cost of Being an Athiest," which showcases the landmark case of Mubarak Bala, the president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria. The documentary also reveals the threats to religious freedom in Nigeria and features interviews with numerous other atheists who face discrimination and even threats to their life. On April 28th, 2020, Mubarak was arrested at his home in Kaduna after he posted criticisms of the Prophet Muhammad on his Facebook page. In the documentary, BBC journalist Yemisi Adegoke talks to Leo Igwe, the founding member of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, Mubarak's wife Amina Ahmed, and even the lawyer who wrote the petition that prompted Bala's arrest. According to Bala's lawyer, James Ibori, he was denied healthcare access, kept in solitary confinement, and forced "to worship the Islamic way." He was also detained for two years without any charges or trial. Initially, Bala maintained his innocence; however, on April 2nd, 2022, he pleaded guilty to 18 charges of blasphemy. The Kano High Court sentenced Bala to 24 years in prison.

BBC Documentary Reveals Story of Nigerian Imprisoned for Atheism
Location: Nigeria

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