Top Christian Facebook Pages Controlled By Foreign Trolls

in Atheism2 months ago

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The MIT Technology Review obtained a leaked Facebook internal data-research report from a former employee in 2019. The report stated that 19 out of the top 20 pages churning out massive amounts of Christian content were managed by troll farms. The separate pages creating different ranges of content were controlled by the same troll farms based in Kosovo and Macedonia. Around 75% of the combined monthly engagement of the pages are from users who did not like or follow the page. Jeff Allen, the author of the 2019 report, said, “instead of users choosing to receive content from these actors, it is our platform that is choosing to give [these troll farms] an enormous reach.” The only top Christian page that was not controlled by trolls was an anti-LGBTQ page called Guideposts. Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne explained that they have already started investigating the results of the report.

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New Report: Top Christian Facebook Pages Controlled by Foreign Trolls
Location: USA

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