Milk Bath Sweet Potato Desserts (Vegan Version)

The goodness of milk and sweet potato merged into one.
Roll the sweet potato into balls and drizzle with plant-based milk sauce.



Sweet potato is a type of vegetable that can be considered a superfood. It has a lot of nutrition and is also easy to make various kinds of food, from main courses, desserts or even drinks.


If you are my old followers, surely you have often seen my recipes using sweet potatoes as the main ingredient and including sweet potatoes. Usually, I make sweet potatoes with brown sugar sauce, but this time I used coconut milk sauce.

Behind The Name

Soak in coconut milk


Maybe you won't find the name of this dessert on the internet. To be honest I just created this name myself based on the texture of these desserts. Milk baths. So, the sweet potato balls are soaked in coconut milk.

Sometimes, I also name this dessert after bath princess. The purple sweet potato balls, which I liken to be beautiful, are princesses. Do you agree with the beauty of these sweet potato balls?



  • Some purple sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup of glutinous rice flour or according to the size of sweet potatoes.
  • For the sauce: 500 ml - 100 ml of coconut milk, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.


To be honest, I really like the process of making this dessert. The step that I like is when forming sweet potato balls.

Although there are certain parts that are really annoying, for example when we peel a sweet potato it will make our hands gummy. The sap won't disappear after one hand wash. The best solution to avoid the sap is we can use gloves. However, I usually don't use gloves.


I just peel the sweet potato directly for me it doesn't matter at all when my hands get gummy because I really enjoy the process. Yeah, that's a process that has to be gone through like life is sometimes hard but we have to go through it. So, let's start with how to make sweet potato balls served with savory coconut milk.



Peel well sweet potato. After that, cut into small pieces, according to the container used for steaming later. If you have a large steamer, it's not necessary to chop the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces. Then, soak it with water.


While preparing the sweet potatoes, don't forget to heat the steamer, so that later when the sweet potatoes have finished cooking, the steamer is hot and ready to use.


Wash the sweet potato until you feel that there is no more sap when you touch it. Then, steam the sweet potatoes for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the degree of doneness. Check the sweet potato mashes well.




Remove the steamed sweet potato, then get ready to smooth the sweet potato. Here I use a potato crusher. You can also use the bottom of a glass if you don't have a potato masher.



After getting the texture of mashed sweet potatoes, next we will mix them with glutinous rice flour.



Add the glutinous rice flour slowly to the mashed sweet potato. Knead until you can form Dough which can be formed into balls.



Form the dough into small balls. Repeat until all the dough is used.



After we get the sweet potato balls, then we will boil the sweet potato balls until they are cooked.


Boil the water first then add the sweet potato balls until the balls float. The balls floating on the surface of the water are a sign that they are cooked. Remove the balls, then drain and then serve with coconut milk sauce.


Bring coconut milk simmer, add a little salt to create sweat savory flavor. Then, serve with sweet potato balls.


To get a sensation that is not boring, it is highly recommended to form balls that are not too big. So that the texture remains chewy and does not become hard.


What do you think about the recipe I made this time? Have you ever tried a dessert similar to my recipe? I'm waiting for a response from you. have a great day.

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.




Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

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Wow , milk path sweet dessert is very healthy and delicious food. Definitely it will be so delicious and tasty. You are a perfect recipe maker. Your presentation is very good. Thanks for sharing my friend @anggreklestari.

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Wow I have never seen such a beautiful recipe with sweet potatoes. Really very tasty and nutritious food. I will also make it for the kids. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

You can try it at home. Tell me your thought when you try it 🙂

Amazing how it looks! That color I love, wished I could buy those here, but we only get "normal" sweet potatoes and they also are very expensive because Import from far away and not regional food

Here is same. Purple one is expensive than the normal color :)

So that's how to make it.. I am only eating this but don't know how to make one..thanks.. I'll definitely try next time 😊

Hehehe similar food is so many in the internet 😛

I've never tried anything similar to your dessert.
My skills are good when it comes to baking various types of cakes :) I like cooking with cow milk but unfortunately, its price doubled in the last few months in my country but I guess, that's a reason to try more things with coconut milk :)
Have a great weekend!

Yeah plant based version make us save money ehehe

Oh that's great you are good at baking. I still learn to be good at baking cakes.

Have a great weekend

They look like delicious coco cops hahaha. I love them and I definitely want to try them. Can I eat them for breakfast in the morning?

By the way, I hope you are well today Anggrek 🤗

For breakfast it Will be very complicated to make ehehe 😀

I still try to make everything fine. At least now I'm not crying ehehe

Hmm, I'll try it for dinner then.

You will be fine @anggreklestari. You are a strong and awesome person ❤️

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Hello dear friend @anggreklestari good day
You are very creative, I love this sweet potato dessert
I appreciate that you share the recipe and the way of preparation
have a beautiful weekend

I appreciated your comment. Have a great weekend

Hi @anggreklestari, looks delicious the recipe, the sweet potato adds an amazing flavor and the coconut a great texture, the perfect dessert to enjoy with the family.


Absolutely sweet and savory, suitable for family gathering

Happy weekend 🌸

In spanish we call the sweet potato "Boniato" and the purple sweet potato "Remolacha". Nice recipe by the way.

Oh thanks for the name of the dessert and sweet potato in your language 🙂

Have a great day!

When I first look at the picture, I was thouhts that is coconut milk

Indeed, it was coconut milk. Eheheehe

What an interesting recipe. And the photos are impressive,
I really liked its color, it's so unusual.
I hope it's also very tasty...

That's tasty if you like coconut milk for sure 🙂

Wow, this is an interesting recipe, the sweet potato has a beautiful color, I love the colorfulness of the dish.

Purple sweet potato has beautiful color, even though the price higher than the regular one

Jd pengen kolak ubi ungu 🤭 tapi di sini lagi jarang yang jual