Plant-based Purple Corn Cereal With Coconut Milk

Just make your own cereal with a low budget, and healthier option.


Everyone has their own way of saving time in preparing breakfast. The idea of pouring milk into cereal is quite brilliant.

Reminds me of my days working in an office where I was busy preparing breakfast. Cereals are the easiest and also rich in nutrients.

Unfortunately, cereal is not my type of breakfast. Just because it's expensive. I only buy cereal a few times a month.

But this dish actually reminded me of cereal because it was poured with milk. This time I used coconut milk as plant-based milk also with a thicker and creamier consistency.

When I have a stock of purple corn that I bought at the market, I will make a dish like this combined with coconut milk and also sweet grated coconut.

Purple corn does have a better texture than general corn. So, purple corn is suitable for a simple menu like this. The carbohydrates in purple corn are also suitable as a breakfast menu.


Well, I have leftover steamed purple corn. So, I combined steamed purple corn with other ingredients.


Incidentally, I also have a stock of grated coconut that has been cooked with brown sugar. That will save me time to prepare this dish for breakfast. No food waste.

F14ADEFD-0435-4A12-B79B-FCDBFDB60055.jpegarrange steamed purple corn on a serving plate
I just love the arrangement. Just that. It makes me more excited. I arrange the steamed purple corn on a serving plate. Can also use a bowl. But I suggest sticking to plates for sensible portions.

70F25509-503F-4A8D-90EA-B5F9CD7E2F7F.jpeggrated coconut as topping
With great care, I added grated coconut as a topping. On top of the arrangement of steamed purple corn. Anyway, you can also use overnight oats for this dish.

8DCC1CFF-AF8D-4FB8-A9E6-4E4C6F491266.jpegpour plant-based milk
Final step, pour plant-based milk on the edge of the dish. Use the measure according to your individual tastes.

3FE6004B-B820-4B1D-AF82-A6C19DBE8E29.jpegserving in warm conditions
Only serving them in warm conditions. So, before serving, I reheated them only briefly using a steamer. Something that is already cold can turn off the appetite at the dinner table. Of course.



For the record, my version of plant-based cereal is not something that has a crunchy texture like cereal. I just named this dish cereal and I feel like naming something similar to something I want.


This is a plant-based cereal that reminds me of corn or chocolate cereal in modern markets with expensive prices. But with this homemade corn dish, I can have my own version of cereal with lots of love for myself. :) Sometimes, we just need to be proud of ourselves, right?


❤️ See you at my next recipe!

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

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Much interesting! I always do it since some years using almond milk (with no added sugar) into seasonal fruits with almonds, sultanas, nuts, sesame seeds, chia seeds, dried coconut, black cocoa with cereals (no sugar added as well). Much healthy and much satisfying

Since here almond milk is expensive, so my fav is coconut milk. Has creamier texture too

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Besides beautiful and delicious, your breakfast looks delicate. I'd wish I could find pretty purple corn like that in the local markets. Purple food is just so attractive.

I also like using leftovers; sometimes you can make a simple breakfast or brunch table look like a feast. I used leftover guacamole this morning, by the way; that's one of my favorite leftovers in the whole world.

Cheers, @anggreklestari 🖤

Yeah not easy to find beautiful colorful food 😊

I often Made breakfast with leftover lastnight

That looks awesome, the color combination of the purple corn with the brown grated coconut is so nice.
I hardly eat cereal, it could not make me full, no rice not eating. !LOLZ

I'd like to start a diet.
But I've got too much on my plate right now.

Credit: reddit
@anggreklestari, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of ekavieka


Ahaha, but for me, rice is too full for breakfast 😅

Cereal isn't my type of breakfast too..not because it's expensive, but because it has gluten hehe. I prefer rice over cereals... Heavy meal for breakfast is my forte..

Corn cereal, I like it but chocolate cereal is not 😅

The loveliest thing about plant based food is that you may think it's not appetising but it turns out so tasty. I'm sure the taste must have been absolutely sublime. !luv it🤗

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If you're not veggie Lovers, sometimes is difficult to taste everything with veggie ingredients. But once you get used to eat veggies, then every veggie ingredients Will turn out be tasty meal.

Thanks for stopping by 😊

That's certainly true. Courtesy of Mom, and our huge garden that has everything from coconut trees to basil leaves, I get to eat so many greens. A truly delightful experience.🌺
It was such a pleasure reading.

That's great for you 🌸

Thats kind of unique, in a super good way. I'm just curious how it taste. And I never really trued purple corn though I see them in the market here. Is it expensive than the normal corn?

A bit expensive than general corn. But for me the taste more yummy

Oh, Mama said too that it taste good. I'll try to buy that sometime.

I like cereals but I think I like that recipe more. Upon looking at it, it seems that it's delicious and sweet.

Sweet and savory from coconut milk 🙂
Thanks for stopping by

Lovely presentation as always ❤️

Delicioso , todo lo que lleva coco, es muy rico @anggreklestari

Thanks 🙂
The taste is rich in coconut flavor

I just love it 😊

Thank you 🙂😊



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I love the creativity behind this dish. It is cost efficient and looks very nutritious . Although, cereals are not my type of breakfast and I do not eat them so often just like yourself,I would really love to try this out.


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Own homemade breakfast always better 🙂

I agree😇

Pretty sis and do hope it was tasty too. How was it?