Bitter gourd salad recipe

How are you guys? 😄 so vegans I came to see you again . So today I have brought you a different Bitter gourd recipe with quality and taste. So, many people are reluctant to eat this Bitter gourd because of its bitter taste. But many people do not know about the nutrients contained in these gourds. Let's see what they are.

  • water
  • Carbohydrates
  • protein
  • fiber
  • fat

Gourd is a vegetable that grows naturally in dry environments. Gourds trace origins to the Indian state of Kerala. Also, it has been mentioned in the ancient texts that Western and eastern physicians knew about the properties of bitter gourd.

So here I am going to tell you a very important thing. That is, this bitter gourd has a powerful component in reducing the sugar level in our body. So many people do not know this fact. So doctors have confirmed that by eating 2000g of bitter gourd daily, you can reduce the sugar level in your body to a normal level.
So also, gourd helps you a lot to get beautiful hair and glowing skin. So, the best way for you to save a lot of money on artificial skin and hair care is to eat gourd.

So by making and drinking gourd drinks, vitamin D and vitamin A can be obtained by the body. Gourd is a very good vegetable for the liver function of your body. The antioxidant properties of the gourd can bring the liver function to a very good level. Also, a point to tell you is that the gourd also can reduce your body fatty

So, because bitter gourd has very low amount of calories and high amount of carbohydrates, you can avoid that situation by drinking and eating this bitter gourd to get rid of your obesity.

So, gourd is a food that controls cholesterol in your body. Bitter gourd is a healthy vegetable that can fight bad cholesterol. So you can avoid diseases like heart attack.
Also, it is very beneficial for your eyesight and other eye disorders. So there are many beneficial conditions for your body by eating this gourd. So vegan you can get all the vitamins missed by not eating meat by eating this gourd.

Well, let's see how to make this Bitter gourd.


  • Gourd 250g
  • Green chili 10g
  • Onions 10g
  • 1tbs of lime
  • Turmeric 1tbs
  • 1tbs of salt
  • Tomatoes 10g
  • 100ml of coconut oil


1 step

  • First cut the gourd into thin slices like this.

2 step

  • Then add turmeric and salt to it.

3 steps

  • Then deep fry until golden.

4 steps

  • Then add finely chopped onions and green chillies to it.

5 steps

  • Then add lime to it and mix well.

Finally, you can prepare a delicious gourd dish in this way. So this dish was prepared especially for you vegans. So I invite you all to try this.

Thank you very much to all of you who vote and comment on me. See you again in this post. Good day everyone.❤️🌎🇱🇰


Wow, so amazing salad and very beneficial for our health. I don't know about this type salad and never eat. You are amazing.
Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Try it.. thank you very much ..

You are welcome.

I don't like to eat bitter gourd. But this is delicious.

Yaaa its very delicious ... try it👍🇱🇰

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