make mine green challenge entry: this is not rocket science soup

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you don't have to be a genius to make
this is not rocket science soup
but you do need rocket and you have to to be able to wing it, and make up the recipe as you go along. so i had a general idea of how to make a really green soup using freshly picked veggies from our garden!

in the garden we have more rocket than we can eat so we are always looking for ways to use it. this year we also have an overabundance of sugar peas (snow peas) and while we eat lots of them and share with friends and neighbors, they ripen so fast that we can't keep up. so in today's soup i am using fully ripe peas without the pods. (to a lesser degree i am including some whole snow peas). you may have had rocket (arugula) soup with potato but our potatoes aren't ready yet so i am counting on the ripe green peas instead

not only do the peas ripen fast but the plants grow very quickly and were crowding out some of the other plants in our tiny garden so we cut them back. i had heard the leaves were edible but never tasted them so instead of composting all of them, some are going in the soup.

we also grow kale, and plenty of chives and thyme so they are also included in today's novel recipe.

typically i would use the above seasonings in a vegetable soup like this. rock salt, freshly ground black pepper, a little kashmiri chili powder, garlic, freshly ground nutmeg and mustard seeds, lemon zest and maybe lemon juice or maybe not. however i am not sure how peppery and mustardy the soup will be because i am including a lot of quite mature rocket leaves. so i will hold the mustard and pepper until toward the end.

so i start off in a typical manner. warm a little oil in a saucepan then add the chili powder then the chopped peeled garlic. the peas are not tender so i throw them in after a minute along with some chopped chives.

i added just a little water to make some steam. i want to cook the peas well enough before proceeding.

then i grate some lemon zest and nutmeg so fast that it blurs the photo

and add the chopped kale along with some more water.

now for the pea leaves. i removed all the tendrils of course but there was a flower on the branch. it's not my style to arrange nice flowery photos when i make food but this one is going in the soup. ok, let all that cook for a bit.

i realize i am going to need something more substantial to make this a meal so i decide to make some croutons with some whole grain bread that has become an extra day old.

a little oil on a skillet, my go to kashmiri chili powder, some more chopped chives, a sprinkle of salt and in a few minutes
the croutons are done.

when i add the rocket, this soup should begin to take off.

i don't want a premature launch, i mean lunch so i hold it down just a little longer.

after a few minutes i get out my handy immersible blender and give it a whirl and the soup is looking nice and green

curious to taste it. it needs some lemon juice and more salt. it is not at all peppery or mustardy so i grind the black pepper and stir it in. as for the mustard i dry roast it until it starts to pop and then grind it with a mortar and pestle.

still it needs a little something. something creamy and filling. hmmm...

luckily i have just the the thing- tahini. the tahini i have is quite liquid. it doesn't take much. just a little more lemon juice and salt and it's done!

now over in a bowl for serving.

but first i add the snow peas. i wondered if i should steam them a little first but i landed on raw to give a little more crunch.

some nice chia seed crispbread, cherry tomatoes from the garden, the croutons and launch is ready!
here you have it, folks:
this is not rocket science soup!


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Hi @eolianpariah2, I'm sorry I'm so late to comment on your post, but in my town there have several been power outages for more than 12 hours and also the internet, so I haven't been able to work smoothly.

I really like your recipe, and that name you gave it is great, also, I love that you grow the ingredients, that's too cool, because the food we grow is the most delicious in the world. The addition of spices and tahini also give it a plus of flavor, and the croutons give it the body it requires to be a space soup.

Very good post, I really liked how you wrote it. Thank you for participating in our vegan challenge.

these power outages and food shortages everywhere are too crazy. here we don't have power outages but the price of electricity is ridiculous. i hope you have good water supply where you are. that has become a big issue many pllaces.

anyway thanks for your wonderfully kind words. you are so positive and supportive that it makes it a real pleasure to contribute to this contest and community.

Unfortunately I have almost 9 years without running water, I buy it from a nearby well. Next year I hope to be able to drill a well in my backyard, we have already located the water vein, and I hope it is fresh water that can be made drinkable, since there are salt water veins. The rulers of my country have destroyed it at all levels, unfortunately that is how it is, that is why there is so much forced migration, but well, let's not talk about unpleasant things, let's talk about positive and beautiful things, as is your excellent recipe, which I liked very much. I hope to give the challenge's results soon. It's a pleasure to have you as part of the vegan community. Have a happy weekend.

best of luck with your well project. i really hope that vein is fresh water, not salt. that would be too much disappointment. what has happened in your country is both sad and frightening.