Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms - Easy Peasy Method

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The oyster mushroom type I am sharing here was bought from my favorite Turkish shop in the former district we used to live in. Whenever I have some errands in the 21st district, I always stop-by this shop to buy freshly harvested parsley. Good that I was in the vicinity last Tuesday because on this day, they were freshly delivered in the shop.




It is commercially grown and therefore not that expensive. A kilo would costs around 3 Euros/3.52 USD. The ones I got were white/cream in color. Mushrooms in Vienna are normally expensive but this variety here is very reasonable in price. I also buy King trumpet mushrooms that have round head and thicker stem....but they are more expensive. A pack of about 2-3-pieces( around 200 grams) costs about 3.00 EUR which is 5 times the cost of the oyster mushroom. We prefer to have this fan-like cap mushroom because we love its taste.

If you love mushrooms, this type is fine in taste and can be a substitute for meat. This commercially grown mushrooms are cultivated in saw dust or in straw. And it has broad thin cap shape of which resembles "oysters." Without further ado, below is the recipe.

Sautéed Oyster Mushroom


300 grams Oyster mushrooms, cut pieces lengthwise
2 cloves crushed garlic
2 red onion, cut or diced
a handful of lettuce leaves
150 grams mung bean sprouts, washed and blanched shortly
soy sauce
teriyaki sauce (optional)
olive oil or vegetable oil
ground black pepper

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How to prepare:

This is a simple stir-fry method... The cut pieces are marinated in soy sauce. You might have noticed that in my recipes, I always use soy sauce. Well, As I come from the Philippines, it is common to use this sauce to spice-up the dishes that we cook.

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First, in a hot pan with 1 tablespoon olive oil, fry 2 cloves of crushed garlic, then toss the mushroom pieces, stir-fry until color becomes a bit brown. Transfer in a plate and set aside.

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In the same hot pan, fry the cut onion pieces until soft , add the handful cut lettuce and the blanched mung beans sprouts, mix to combine all, then add the cooked oyster mushrooms. Again mix well . Here I added 2 teaspoons Teriyaki sauce (optional) to have that spiced but not so sweet taste. Again, adding Teriyaki Sauce is my taste preference and therefore it is optional. Transfer to a bowl and serve hot. Can be eaten as main dish. I hope you will try this easy-peasy recipe because it is delish!

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Kakagutom naman yang luto mo Inday.

An easy to follow instructions for someone who doesn't cook regularly like me. Looks delicious and healthy as I have read mushrooms have a lot of health benefits.

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That’s looks delicious and good! I love mushrooms but here not have them.

Thank you.

Yep yum, I'm going to have to try that but unfortunately boutique mushrooms like them are pretty expensive here too...

Lions Mane, that's the one that meant to be really healthy for you too...Hmmmm food for thought!

I am so in love with those mushrooms! Your dish looks delicious.😋

Thanks a ton! Yep it"s one favorite shroom and so delish.. Am glad for your visit. Cheers!

These mushrooms look exquisite, I can almost smell and taste them from the monitor, hahahahahahahah. You have brought a simple, delicious, nutritious and very presentable recipe. Good post, beautiful photos, greetings.

Thank you dear... I am glad you like the presentation. Thank you too for the support!

Saute mushrooms with sprouts is a great decision. I often combine them. Yummy!

Hi Anggrek.. Thank you for passing-by dear. They are really yummy! Have a lovely weekend!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love your Foodie post!

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Thank you.

Wow! Another simple nutritious dish. It is good all ingredients available here in the philippines, I will try to cook this.Yummy yummy!😋😋😋

Yep, do tell me when you have tried it, would like to know how it tasted.... there are many online sellers that grow oyster mushrooms in the Philippines.

This is the real mushroom not my mushroom.hahaha. I feel so hungry looking your food.

Lol, come on down and lets eat all of these mushrooms.

Umami please! This looks lovely, and those mushroom prices aren't too bad for Europe at all. Save me a bowl would ya' chef?

Yeah, I wonder myself about the cheap price! In Spain this cost a lot. Some supplier is growing this commercially, I just do not know whether this came extra from Turkey or someone is growing this in Vienna.

Hahaha..OK chef, will keep an extra portion for all of you four! Bon Appetit!

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