THE BEST OF THE WEEK (# 34): Creamy Coconut Lentil Stew, Vegan Szechuan Orange (Not) Beef, The epic mushroom burger

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Today we publish other edition of the special curatorship, which will complement the MEATLESS MONDAY; that we have called: THE BEST OF THE WEEK. Our intention with this post is to recognize the best of the best of the posts that you, friends of Hivers, share weekly in our Plant Power (Vegan) community, selecting the top three recipes from the previous week; which on this occasion corresponds to the period from Wednesday, January 25; to Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Each of the selected publications will be reviewed in this curatorship, and in turn, its author will be awarded 0.5 Hive, 50 @ecency points and 50 foodie token, in order to give him/her a modest recognition for the excellence and quality of his/her work.


Having said all of the above, let's see which recipes are THE BEST OF THE WEEK in this edition


Creamy Coconut Lentil Stew: A Comforting and Nutritious Meal | by @plantasticka

For this week @plantasticka has brought us a recipe that is to lick your fingers, and it is a warm, spicy and forceful stew of lentils with coconut cream, an exquisite dish, which is served on a bed of rice, and that will surely provide comfort, well-being and joy to the stomach and soul of whoever eats it. And she has brought this recipe in an excellent post, where she tells us about the benefits of these grains, with a very detailed step by step, with beautiful photos, so without a doubt she and her recipe are part of The Best of the Week.


Vegan Szechuan Orange (Not )Beef | by @carolynstahl

As usual, @carolynstahl's posts are not limited to presenting us with extraordinary recipes, but she also brings us great stories, and this week was no exception. In an excellent post, she tells us about a failed first date with a scientist, a date that was saved by a delicious dish she tried back then, and which left such a deep mark on her that even today, after 30 years, she has made the vegan version of that dish: Vegan Szechuan Orange (Not) Beef, which is very well explained, and with some beautiful photos; so she is also part of The Best of the Week.


The epic mushroom burger made from scratch | by @helgalubevi

Although @helgalubevi is a relatively new user to the community, she has shared some delicious recipes. And this week he brought us a great post, with good photos, where he shared in a very creative way, a recipe for a vegan burger, which was delicious; so she is also part of the Best of the Week.


Below is the transfer made to each wallet, as a modest community recognition, to the extraordinary work done by these content creators


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OMG! It is an honor for me!! Thank you my plant powerful friends!

Friends posts are great, everyone has shown their best

I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much!