Enoki mushroom, tempeh and celery snack

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hello friends in the Vegan community, today the weather is very beautiful, the sun is shining softly, the wind is blowing lightly, it's not raining, it's a beautiful sunday. Today my children asked for crispy and tasty snacks.


Our family loves the chewy taste of mushrooms, that's why today I'm going to make a mushroom-based snack, I just happened to buy enoki mushrooms yesterday.


I will also combine it with tempeh


Enoki mushrooms have a slightly sweet taste with a soft and greasy texture, therefore enoki mushrooms can be used as the main ingredient for snacks, Enoki mushrooms are also rich in minerals and fiber.


Other ingredients that I use to make mushroom snacks are:
200 grams of enoki mushrooms
100 grams of tempeh
70 grams of soup leaves
30 grams of leek
300 grams of wheat flour
100 grams of breadcrumbs
4 pieces of garlic
4 pieces of onion
2 pieces of candlenut
1 pack of pepper powder
1 tablespoon salt,
100 mL water
500 mL cooking oil


We also need some sticks, I made my own from bamboo.


first we process the enoki mushrooms, remove the brown base, this part is where the enoki mushrooms grow in the planting medium. then cut it into several parts so that we can easily smooth it.



both pieces of tempeh into small pieces for easy mashing.


the last step is to cut the soup leaves and leek.



let's make a snack😍😍😍
1.put the onion, garlic, candlenut and salt into the blender.


2.put the mushroom pieces into the blender.


3.add the tempeh pieces to the blender.


4.put the soup leaves and leek into the blender.


5.add water to the blender, puree all ingredients until smooth.



6.pour the dough that has been mashed into a container so that it is easier for us to knead the dough.


7.add the flour into the dough little by little until a dough forms that can be shaped, but try to make the dough soft and a little sticky.


8.lastly add pepper powder to taste, mix well until all the dough is mixed and we can form it.



9.shape the dough with a bamboo stick, make the dough a little sticky so it's easy to shape with a bamboo stick.



10.after we form the dough on a bamboo stick, then the stick containing the dough we put it directly into the breadcrumbs, roll it into the breadcrumbs until all parts of the dough are mixed with the breadcrumbs. The dough that was originally sticky when exposed to breadcrumbs then the dough became dense.




11.heat the cooking oil, then fry the sticks containing the dough, when frying the dough sticks must be completely submerged in the cooking oil.



12.fry the dough until it is brown, being careful not to burn it, because the breadcrumbs burn quickly when fried. When frying, flip the stick a few times so that it cooks evenly.


serve with tomato sauce or chili sauce, I also add celery in the sauce.


Delicious fried snacks eaten with chili sauce and celery. The savory taste of tempeh and fried enoki mushrooms is delicious, plus the dipping sauce and celery make this snack even more delicious, addictive.


hello @ewkaw maybe you can try this mushroom recipe.

thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Best Regards


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Such an interesting recipe! 😀

This looks good!
I will have to look for tempeh first and try it. I never had it :p

Thanks for positif feedback @ewkaw

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You're welcome @umirais! Have a nice day 😊🌹

This preparation looks crispy and tasty @umirais. No doubt the celery adds a great flavor to the recipe. On the other hand, the presentation is quite practical, because it can be a snack that we can offer to guests at home. Thanks for bringing your good content to Plant Power Vegan. Regards.

Looks very delicious, I really like the crunchy texture like this.

yes you can try to make it @nurfay

This is really amazing. When I started reading the ingredients I couldn't imagine how they were used to obtain the result of the photo. It's really amazing. And I had never seen those mushrooms. I can imagine how crispy and tasty they must have been and your children would be fascinated 🌸😎.

yes @marbrym, my child very love this recipe

I'm glad 🌸

Es una receta muy deliciosa, hoy comí en el almuerzo al parecido!!! Me encanto ver tu post!!!

It looks so delicious.@umirais. I have never seen tempeh and never taste it also.
I knew it from joining the plant power community. but it looks soo good. thanks for sharing.greetings

I guess you should try tempeh once in your life @hindavi