The White Cloth Ritual in the Graveyard.

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Authored by @afridany

This time I will share an interesting story, about people's belief in the grave, by wrapping a white cloth on the tomb, when it has fulfilled its promise to God.


Belief in each religion is very unique and different in this world. Various rituals are wrapped in religion in various forms so that humans are strong and survive all trials in life. Not apart for adherents of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as other religions in this world.


As in the western part of Indonesia, a province called Aceh. The influence of Hinduism and Buddhism in the past has made the people of Aceh trapped by various kinds of religious hegemony, even now even though the majority of Acehnese have embraced Islam, the culture and traditions that bind due to the influence of Hindu-Buddhist religion are still inherent in the Acehnese.


In fact, overly fanatical belief in Islam does not bring any benefits, even the Prophet Muhammad, the pioneer of Islam, said that it was a prohibited act. But, for some ordinary people, it is still done, because they are confused and indecisive about their belief in God and the supernatural world they believe in. Call it for example, about the White Cloth Ritual at the cemetery.


In this photo we can see, how they do alin by releasing their promise to God. They wrapped a white cloth around the graves of pious people, and believed that all supernatural spirits would solve their problems in the real world. This interaction makes us doubt the existence of God and angels. How can a piece of white cloth solve the problems of humans in this world with their God.


They tie this white cloth on trees with graves as a form of pledge that they have promised to God, both when they are in poverty and when there is a disaster or calamity that befalls them, or it is also known as a celebration.


In addition, this kind of belief is held on the graves of people who are considered sacred. So that on the side of the tree, nothing can be done other than maintaining and guarding the courtiers or residents around, for those who do it will befall illness or misfortune.
Perhaps this photo can illustrate how left behind a belief in society or indeed this is the true belief, where natural life must be preserved by humans and their natural surroundings.

Thus, it can be ascertained that the religion of Islam in the past was still gradually advancing as a belief, both mystically and in real terms. How about in your country, is the same religious hegemony still in effect?



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