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RE: Accents & Language; The Cross Cultural Richness Of The Nigerian People

This is fascinating. It would be great to make a video compilation of different accents in your area.
I was thinking about doing something like that with the main regional accents in Venezuelan spanish. I have to gather courage to make the video/parody: how does english sound if spoken by people from different regions? 😂
The pictures are great. Lived the colors.
One in particular made me remember a guy I admired deeply. He was a street vendor without arms and legs who manage to go around on a skate board and sell little things on the corner of Miranda Square in Carúpano, a town near my hometown.
Just mind blowing
You have a great week, my friend. it's carnival over here, but the most pathetic one ever.


Hello my friend, it's been a long time, well yeah accents are very unique and peculiar. I didn't know that spanish too can contain different accents too, I thought it was one accent spoken by different people. Western African accents can be rich and you can easily identify people by it.
The pictures are taken with my samsung phone and I strategically opted to take that shot because it aligns with the content im making.
Thanks a whole lot, do have an amazing week too.