Your biases

A lot of ideas float around social media. Rather than call them all nonsense I try to extract whatever kind of knowledge or truth may be hiding in each. It may feel like people are just running their mouths, or at times bordering on delusional but if I look at it without my own biases, I find that they are usually looking at one side of things, or discounting another valid perspective, and from that context, their assessments make some sense. The only problem is a limited perspective.

This is common among all ideologies.

Trying to look at a range of opinions both sides, both moderate and radical, I find it surprisingly easy to predict certain events at a degree much higher than chance.

Of course there are certain perspectives that deserve a little more weight, and some things are just far outside of anyone’s scope to predict.

I always assume their will be surprises. I try to guess what they will be but these are just guesses.

I give a little extra credence to ideas that are outside of my desired outcomes in order to balance out any invisible bias I may have.


I allow for contradicting ideas to exist simultaneously.

Examples: “The world is getting more and more divided.” Perhaps this is true from the perspective of single nation states or social media platforms, but not true in terms of nation to nation disputes.

“Bitcoin will topple the financial system”. It could topple it and reinvigorate it at the same time, forcing institutions to adapt to or to be more honest, rather than wiping them off the map completely.

“The USD is done for”. Well inflation is sure likely with all the money printing, and there are certainly more contenders for alternative stores of value and units of exchange popping up, whether they be rising superpowers or decentralized alternatives. That doesn’t mean USD is going away though, or becoming worthless. It could become a lot weaker and less relevant but public outrage, the old guard dying off, or new laws/regulation/freedoms could certainly mix things.

Things rarely follow a straight trajectory and all that happens in between can lead to unforeseen outcomes. Of course we can predict these deviations, but we can assume there will be deviations and try to imagine the most likely ones.

I never assume to know for certain what will happen. I do believe that most things follow patterns but there are always events that stir things up and force a different outcome.

It’s fine to be fairly convinced of something, but I think it’s walkways important to keep an open mind, and also not to totally disregard the opinions of even those who may be blind sighted. Even if they don’t see what you see, they still may see something you don’t.


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Well, even unforeseen events follow patterns, we just lack the information to identify said patterns. And biases have a lot to do with the amount of information that we're capable of accessing and processing. Biases have an evolutionary role in our development, they allow us to discriminate the world around us for survival purposes, but that's a very animalistic function. At higher levels of dialogue and discourse, they become a nuisance or even a frank obstruction to our growth. What you do, keeping a watch on your biases and being able to appreciate various perspectives for a much fuller picture, is an exceedingly difficult thing to accomplish, because it requires, among many things, that we get rid of our need for opinions. I honor you for allowing yourself that freedom and promote it for others, man. Many hugs and blessings!

I try, at least 🦦. I think that is the evolution of society that I'm most excited to try and promote. The internet has given us so much information that challenges our biases, but the first reaction is to reject anything that doesn't fit our worldview. Once the culture of listening and feeling less threatened by other ideas spreads, I think we are going to see all kinds of beautiful things happen.

I feel like we are planting those seeds.

There is also profit motive. I for one, will not speak about things that don't effect my bottom line, so it confuses some people when I drop a conversation entirely because it's a topic I won't profit from engaging a discussion in. I am a very antisocial person, but at the same time that confuses people when they expect me to care about their ideas that don't serve a cause or purpose I can benefit from.

I don't do neutral relationships, I am either benefiting or won't remember the conversation.

Profiting , benefiting, increasing my quality of living, etc... people are confused why I don't care outside of that, I am not ignorance either, I will willfully blocking out those thoughts of other social classes because they don't serve my interests.

I appreciate the honesty here.

I don't think everything has to be seen through a lease of personal benefit, I find it rather harsh and inflexible at times, but I definitely prefer it to pretending to care about others.

I totally see the logic in such a world view, we have that kind of programming that is self centered. At the same time, I believe we are connected to each other and always have the potential for mutual benefit, even if it's not always the right time or place for that. When we create systems of mutual benefit we don't really need to think about our own personal benefit because we benefit when others benefit. This is my goal. To benefit create win/win anywhere I can.

Anyways, thanks for the reply.

There's a lot of room for compassion and caring for others in the quality of living index, it just depends on the context of the social connect you have and what you are doing with it.

We are blind to our own blindness. We look at things from our own perspectives instead of working on developing 360 degree vision. There's a simple question to ask ourselves: "Why would I be doing/saying that if I were that person?"

Starting from the assumption "I could be wrong" when engaging in online (or irl) communication seems to be very useful for avoiding needless drama and wasted words.

But then again, I love to see a snappy comeback!

I really like that about you. You have clear opinions but I feel free to share mine and even if we disagree I don't feel uncomfortable cause you aren't coming at it from the assumption that you already have it all figured out, and I don't feel you trying to force me to change my opinion. That's a kind of humility I want to see more of in the world, and I try my best to bring it to conversations too.

Glad you are still popping in here!