UK Energy Crisis | Unplug your fridge?

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In this video I talk about a disconcerting post I saw on social media the other day. A lady commented that she had become unable to keep up with her utility bills and had to take some actions like unplugging her refrigerator to reduce the electricity bill. As it happens, the UK government has started subsidising electricity, for now, until spring time next year. I noticed a “discount” on my latest bill which, while welcome, won’t really do much to resolve the ongoing problem.

I also saw a post on YouTube predicting blackouts in the UK. The kinds that you currently see in countries like South Africa and Brazil. “Load shedding” as they call it in South Africa. Hopefully not to the levels you see in Nigeria or parts of Asia. That would be devastating for the UK. I’m thinking of the constant power needed in hospitals and the various transport systems.

Whatever happens, we’re in for a ride for sure this winter. The government is trying to come up with answers, but it does take a long time to make sweeping changes in infrastructure and energy, especially when they’ve been neglected over a period of time. We became dependent on outside countries, especially potentially hostile ones as we’ve learnt recently, for way too much.

Firewood is making a big comeback I hear. It just goes to show that when the shit hits the fan, out goes the concern for the environment. Firewood is not a sustainable energy source and neither is coal. However, it seems, we are going to have to depend on those more at least till this turmoil is resolved.

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It seems the Times had a piece on how having our houses cooler could be good for us. That seems like propaganda to me. They will be telling us we don't need fresh fruit and veg next.

I wonder if we will see people foraging for firewood. That could impact on wildlife. Desperate people will only care about staying warm.

Hahaha. The propaganda has begun. I heard in some parts of Europe that are hit quite hard (parts of Germany, Sweden, etc) some people have started illegally gathering firewood at night on restricted lands. I hope it never gets to that here.

I think we will see people taking desperate measures as it bites. @papilloncharity was just saying how they have frequent power cuts where he is. That could have more impact in the UK, especially in winter. Even if you have gas heating it needs the controls and pump to work.

Not looking good. I only have the option of gas heating. I better go buy some electric heaters just in case. At least one of those fan based ones. They're pretty cheap.