The perfect plan to learn a new language

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In my hunt to find ways to reach the minimum requirement of C1(academic) level Dutch language proficiency, I have found numerous tactics. Some are genuinely practical and useful, whereas some "language gurus" may as well be talking from the wrong end of their GIT system. However, as dead brained this tip I concocted is, it is still a braindead easy way to pick up a new language. I took inspiration from many, and this video is inspired by many of the brain dead absolutely useless "gurus". Nevertheless, time, practice, reason and immersion are genuinely the most sincere foundations of learning a language. Take it lightheartedly. A laugh and some smiles never hurt.

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I will definitely have a look into that git system. Quizás lo me ayuda aprender español :)

Good luck learning español. It is a very popular language

Me gusta la idea cambiar mi pensaje totalmente porque la lenguaje española está cambiando mi visto y my mundo en mi mismo cabeza. Soy muy alemán y quiero ganar un visto más genral al nuestro mundo. Espero que podamos vivir juntos y vamos a comprender a las vidas de nosotras

I hope you did understand what I was trying to tell you :)

LOL! You may be on to something! 😂

yeah maybe worth a shot!