Jack Dorsey describes Hive

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From Jack Dorsey's testimony on Capitol Hill. He describes Hive perfectly.

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He understands that millenial fact checkers are an expensive and ineffective solution to content moderation.

His vision is good but it is impossible for any major tech company or billionaire to achieve genuine decentralisation. It requires the creator to disappear (Satoshi) or the community to fork away (Steem - Hive).

exactly. jack ain't gonna disappear. he's justin sun with more power.


But he can be good informs he can teach with his billions about WEB3, bad can be if people don't care about decentralization and use it :)

Yes. It will be great when Dorsey, Musk and others start to buy Hive. Probably when we are at $44,000 per Hive.

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Epic editing skills you have there. Thank you for bringing this out

La verdad seria una excelente opción, saludos.

the concept of decentralization is good. but if history repeats itself jack dorsey ain't giving up control over bluesky. this is going to be another justin sun and tron. hopefully the byproduct is that jack increases HIVE awareness and bluesky goes to shit like twitter censorship.


¿Where is the full video?

5 hours. Jack's part was the end of his 5 min opening statement.

Thank you

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HE does describe HIVE perfectly. He's talking as if it doesn't already exist!