Joe Biden Goon Squads Picking on 7 yr Old's Now? Disgusting Video Footage!!!!

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I sure hope these two ugly girls get what they got coming to them. Time to act like a bad ass around somebody your own size!

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ewwwwwwwwww! make sure to bet that trump wins on Hive-engine!

I really hope after the elections peace can rule over America because there is such a divide right now and you video is an expression of it.

The girls were absolutely wrong and deserve punishment. No body should have to grow up with such a violent memory. So terrible.

Main stream media need to check themselves. They are only looking out to confuse people.

Oddly, Joe Biden had nothing to do with it.

even more odd....he has said NOTHING to denounce this hate crime. Biden is a joke, and so are the lefty liberals like these two girls that support him.

Update Both girls were arrested today....hopefully they will be charged with hate crimes. Serious business....and it should be.

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