Nuclear Codes? Does the FBI think we are stupid?

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The FBI has complete Air from the Trump raid and the kitchen is gonna get hot quickly to produce some BOMBSHELL evidence on why this "RAID" was justified. Show us some PROOF!!!!!

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I think this was planed, the mondialists are loosing and it’s getting more and more visible every day... Now people must be prepared for some trouble on the road ! Food and energy shortages are on the way, better get ready :)

Thanks for sharing your analysis about that FBI perquisition, great step to the end of this movie 🎥 !

Those will be the next fights for energy, food, water and all those resources which may be scarce and whoever owns them will surely be the great world dominator

People are getting more wiser on issue like tgis and I don't think the raid was really appropriate.

They can't continue to play on people intelligence any longer. The time has long pass

I thought that is only where am from that after leaving the office the present, system will try and make sure that they probe you, i don't know that it happen over there as well.
But even someone has the nuclear code, its needs the present president to active it.
But coming into someone house,asking to shutdown cameras,i don't think that what they are doing is transparent, because if it is they won't shutdown the camera's.
I don't it is justice neither for them not to allow his lawyer as well.

Good work putting out some info on this, Cheers

If people faced food shortages, things would not remain in their original state. But still people should be prepared for this difficult phase.

I have no idea about the government and political issue, just watch your video and my Internet connection is very poor right now of Wi-Fi. Hey, looks nice to watch at night behind few light. Have a good day ahead of you.

What's really wrong here is a bunch of politicians calling for hearings because someone took something and wouldn't give it back while thousands of people are dying and being injured by a virus and it's vaccines. This kind of ineptitude should result in the immediate dismissal of every politician enraged over this but not the death of people.

Alarming, isn't it? :(

That was such bullshit! I was thinking the same thing. He wouldnt have anything he wasnt supposed to at his house. Unbelievable 💯

but that information must be very truthful since for the FBI to search the house of a former president looking for classified nuclear weapons documents is very strange.