Operation **Trout Trick** Engaged (Arkansas River)

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This river is Notorious for Trout. As a matter of fact the State of Colorado Wildlife says there are an estimated 4,000 fish per mile of river!

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You had me at the case of Fly's.

Hope you continue to enjoy this for a long time.
I find it very relaxing myself :)

4,000 fish per mile? That's quite the number. It seemed like the river is quite healthy.

Indeed, that place is beautiful, the water sound is epic.

Thats look pretty good and colourful too.

And !PIZZA for your beautiful words.

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SONOVABITCH I wish I was there dropping lure into them pools!

You really do live the lifestyle and I am so glad I met you back on steem all those years ago.

Big Z from the north/north

That water is absolutely hypnotizing. I trust that you are having an absolute blast out there buddy. Awesome to catch a glimpse of some of the beauty in nature that you are witnessing in person.

OK OK.... Lets set up a trip

I need to get myself a fly rod, just got a basic setup but still works.

Hope you caught something.

I bet that is some absolutely amazing country to go fishing in! May you enjoy your fishing time!