Wow @broncnutz sir, you always rock with your videos.

First of all, when you were going in the van, I liked the best view of the sky.
And I was most attracted to your van because the tent system it had was great. Such a van is a must-have for tourists.

I hope you had a great vacations.💕

Having three days for fishing in so nice river , it's just great. And thanks for upvoting my post.

This is beautiful, but the water is a bit shallow will they still be many fish in does zone?

Very nice sandbar!

That would be so much fun! I love your tent too 😁

It is a lovely adventure to go fishing which is very nice

Beautiful country. This makes me want to go white water rafting again more than fish.

A fab truck and tent that you have here and I would love to get my camera to those rock tunnels.
We also have lots of trout here in the mountain rivers and they are fun to catch. Catch and release of course. You guys obviously know what you are doing to catch them.

A man and his RAM. Now I see why you Americans love your pickup trucks.
I was into fishing for a while as well... I have only once managed to catch a trout. Never learned how to fly fish though. I used a spinning reel and a blinker to catch him. I still regret not releasing him to the water.

3 days of adventure and fishing 🙂

first of all let me tell you that the place is a natural beauty the way you cross those rocks with the vehicle, incredible how you can camp upstairs in your truck and if you were able to fish some besides the most important thing is to have a wonderful day

Wow I love the tent, and what is the name of this fish?

It's mainly Brown and Rainbow Trout in that river.

Okay trout.

Together we can rebuild.🌱💪 We have reshared this.🛡♻



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For the first time I see such tents and the same trout. Great vacation in beautiful nature