I love the way he has alternated his style! He can do it all! I have only ever seen him once in July 2015 in Virginia!

Woot! The crowd was on fire!

Haha what a concert! Look at that place. Rockin people.

Every time I see one of your videos, makes me wanna finally get my @3speak on. One of these days.

Awesome taking in a concert with the OG in the West/West!

I seen this dude about 12 times in around 6 different states over the last 30 years. Never once did I feel like I didn't get my moneys worth. Kid Rock is an epic entertainer.

Although I am not an expert in heavy rock, "Kid Rock" is a legend of it and being able to have the opportunity to see a live concert is a unique opportunity. Greetings and I hope you enjoy it

This is really nice to watch again and again with the efforts been put in the performance.

What a rocking performance. Performer is on fire. Such a blast, I thought it would be you as his cap covered his face. Energetic performance for sure, audience also seems excited. He made it awesome!

At his age, its super natural energy to perform on the stage, just high and full rock on🤟

51 years old!

I have just three words to watch this guy performance


What an energetic performance and all his fans are super cool excited due to his performance. I think he's a rapper.
Bravo sir to share this talent with us.

Makes me seriously laugh that Minot "rioted" when his concert was cancelled due to weather and I'm a bit surprised they fit 18k people into the fairgrounds there. Guy knows how to put on a concert though!

Hell yeah!! Thats what Im talking about!!

I wonder how energetic he will be when he was younger.

I keep watching over and over again what a lovely performance it bee a while @broncnutz

Wao the energy could be more than this while be was still young

I heard that Kid Rock is a self-taught musician, he plays all the instruments in his backing band and has overseen the production of all his albums.

He can scratch records too! He plays around 10 instruments i think.