c0ff33 vlog 31st July 2020

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After a very lazy weekend to try and recover from the paint fumes of thee previous weekend it has been back to full pelt at work, busy on both the big and little roasters, shifted all sorts of stock this week Shmoo milkshake took a real surge no doubt thanks to the hot weather. We have had a bit of sun finally, between the showers and clouds. I'm still getting over the random headache, it has mostly gone but there is a still a lurking niggle - weaned myself off the Neurofen anyway I'm no fan of pain killers unless absolutely essential.

Busy day today, rented a luton tail lift van to clear a house 2 hours drive away, a big beast to drive but quite a tidy machine on a 19 plate, easy to drive on the motorway despite the size. Managed to get it all done today with just a few bits to drop off tomorrow. Ready for a well deserved nap now though - must be getting old.

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