c0ff33 vlog 15th October 2021

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After a hectic weekend last week painting my boys room to get ready for his new bed arriving on Monday, it was back to work with a bang with another loaded week of local deliveries, big coffee orders to fulfil and of course loads of roasting to do.

Business is definitely picking up a notch now, and it looks like it will be flat out all the way to Christmas. As new customers arrive and old ones continue to return we are roasting every day, and getting weekly shipments of new green coffee stocks to keep up with demand.

White rose coffee is continuing to gain traction, and we have been busy this week preparing the new colour label retail packs to display at the Fine Food North exhibition in Harrogate this week - showing of our two Great Taste Award winning origins and hoping to push more into retail by offering farm shops and deli’s the opportunity to sell their own branded coffee bags with full colour labels.

The 5kg roaster continues to daily support the throughput of our single origins, with the 30kg taking over the bulk orders and especially popular origins - and with our new 5kg roaster arriving in the docks some time next week - we will be busy taking out the old one and fitting the new one in place when that arrives.

Both Witnesses are running well on the Hive Blockchain, and @whiterosecoffee has been fortunate to receive some very good supporting votes recently driving it unto 80 in the Witness while @c0ff33a sits at 50 - we both appreciate those Witness votes as we continue in the background to promote the Hive Blockchain any way we can - and especially with the branded Hive Blockchain coffee which is a popular seller and points our customers towards the Hive Blockchain to help grown the onboarding of new users. Look out for new ideas popping through in the next few months as we build on that concept and try to drive more of the massive home coffee enthusiast market out of dull forums and into the shiny new world of Hive Blockchain.





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I really glad that business is booming for you. Good luck at the expo.

Hmmm you have earn all this with your good deeds and hardworking am not surprise well-done, more good coming your way @c0ff33a

I believe one day I will take the coffee too