Dark Winter

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There are a number of society-shaking situations coming to a head this Winter. Could you survive severals months without access to electricity, fuel or grocery stores with what you have now?


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Not without cannabalism! Eat the weed!!! Hemp.seeds!!!

Haha, love the new term!

Yeah man I made it!!! Trade marked!!!

i need electricity for online connection. i intend to buy a solar kit very soon to take care of that (providing isp is still online). The rest, yeah, i could survive!

Glad to hear you'll be okay. What do you need the online aspect for?

for talking to you :-)

and to continue to help connect people, especially in a network of equitable, multi level, people powered community governance systems (all connected to the mother worldwide system) to enable us to create our own decentralised systems so we will not have months cut off from essentials. as we will no longer need them, so they will fall into disuse :-)

Want to learn more (about The Matrix-8 Solution)? Check my blog, or ask me for links :-)


As I said in my previous blog:

the longer that we ignore whistleblower #DonaldMarshall & #PhilSchneider the more pain we can expect ...


Fear is the mindkiller

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If I need food I will make it or take it by force as I am sure other people will be doing the same.