Glad you enjoyed the interview! I haven't used Celsius myself yet - but I think i'll check it out now that they just became available in my state. I've used Blockfi so far for some BTC returns and have enjoyed that.

Oh I forget the states are like diffent counties and it’s not always a free for all! I prefer Celsius to BlockFi since they do compound weekly not that I don’t use BlockFi too

They do have their work cut out for them with being super aggressive In thei CE-FI space but hey more competition means better services for us

Yes, totally agree! Competition is never a bad thing. 😉At least not for the end consumer.

For sure it’s not like I’d risk a lot of BTC without the keys but a few bucks happy to get a little yeild on it my big BTC holdings are safely locked up in a ledger

@lasseehlers, I'm with @chekohler on this one... I would never put all of my BTC into a custodial situation... but a small percentage to earn a return on? Sure, why not? 🙃

"second" by the way... how they even make those returns? I just read there front page where they promises up to 22% per year... where is this profit coming from??? Smell like a ponzi scheme to me!!!

By the way you are welcome on the LASSECASH tribe, all you need to do is to include the tag 'lassecash' in your post and you earn LASSECASH.

Well a small amount will not get you much return, isn't is like 5-7% a year? Not worth my time and I don't like to hand my money to another party, it goes against the philosophy of sound money / cryptocurrency... just saying... you guys can do whatever you like with your money right ? :)

I am a big fan of LASSECASH, there you can earn curation rewards with your LASSECASH POWER and if other people invest after you, you get a piece of the pie. Yes I am biased. The price of LASSECASH is extremely low and new members of the tribe every week.

Bitcoin is very outdated, LASSECASH is almost instant and no fees, but Bitcoin has the biggest brand sure.. but still.