A Hobbit's Guide to Bitcoin

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Hello people of middle earth!

To celebrate Hobbit Day... I present to you: A Hobbit's Guide to Bitcoin.

This is part of my Alt-World series where I take a little dash of of Fantasy, theatrics and Bitcoin to create content that is hopefully just as entertaining as it is educational.

So far in this video series I've also made a Harry Potter and Star Trek themed video. Check them out!

I hope you enjoy this video and I'd love to hear your feedback on what other video themes you'd like to see next!

XO, Lea


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Well if the Fed would have Bitcoin they just make a hardfork to have more money. The supply is then just doubled. If you have the dollarcoin They bring out the covid coin to double the supply. A war against China there will be a chiwar coin. A hurricane has destroyed half America you have the name of that hurricane as a coin. And so on. 😉 but good video and explanation.

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