Today's Crypto News... Vlog Style

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Hey Hive Fam!

-I'm back with another vlog style, crypto news update! You guys loved the last one so much that I thought it would be fun to roll another one out today.

If I had unlimited amounts of time - I would definitely make one of these everyday... but maybe i'll have to start making them more often! Here are some of the highlights from today:

  • Bitcoin still playing with the 11k line
  • This is the most amount of consecutive days bitcoin has ended about 10k since 2017.
  • Uniswap is essentially handing out stimulus checks
  • People are still talking about the IRS breaking monero
  • Portnoy agrees to go on The Pomp Podcast
  • MicroStrategy ups it's bitcoin holdings to $425 million dollars
  • There are now 10k bitcoin atm’s in the world.
  • Kraken becomes the first crypto exchange to. Become a US bank.
  • A judge orders bitfinex and tether to turn over financial documents to the New York attorney generals office.


XO, Lea


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LOL at uniswap stimulus cheques, I managed to claim mine and look how easy it was, I mean the fed could drop an ERC-20 token and just hand em out to people pretty easily and besides my "stimulus" has gone up and so HODL baby, when Binance and COinbase, mooon!

@coruscate, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!