Bringing Blockchain Education to the University Level with Cameron Dennis of BAF Network

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Hey Hive Fam!

What kind of opportunity exists within the realm of higher education to increase awareness and education of blockchain technologies?

I sat down with Cameron Dennis, the CEO of BAF (The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation) to learn more about what they are doing to not only support Bitcoin and Blockchain clubs, but to bring accredited blockchain courses to the university level. They are mostly focused on California and Mexico at this point in time as they are very hands on when onboarding a new school.

They also have a research arm to their organization where they help increase efficiency by not duplicating work between universities and helps support students who are interested in doing more research surrounding decentralization and blockchain technology.

BAF is a non-profit that gives donors more opportunity to donate to universities of their choice with cryptocurrency in a tax-exempt way.

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i wonder how long those courses last on state licensed schools. (Learning about crypto act of terrorism soon?)