Desperate Trump Panics, Says He'll Send 2nd Stimulus Checks

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--Donald Trump is increasingly desperate and panicking, and is now promising a second coronavirus stimulus payment to Americans, despite it being unclear if this will be passed

Will Trump push for more stimulus checks?

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Trump has always said he'd like to see another round of stimulus checks but he also said he has no intention of passing the package the dems are planning on laying out on the table full of bloated progressive programs and things totally unrelated to the virus. In that regard it's going to be awhile because the democrats will try and hold them hostage to their plan and none of them are having anything to do with the current proposal by the democrats as it stands. The republicans have a valid point that if you keep giving people money they will not go back to work, it's not that they don't think people need some financial help right now but the economy does have to find a way to get moving otherwise what was the cure will be worse than the disease. Right now they are content to let the dems plan sit until the six hundred extra on unemployment runs out in hope more will chose to go back to work, stimulating the economy means exactly that, if people don't produce there's nothing to sell and nothing to stimulate. If they can get more to go back to work they don't seem to have a problem with helping people get caught back up stabilizing them and the economy but it's a two way road. They don't have a problem with it it that regard because they know it will be a struggle to contain the virus and there's a better chance than not that many might find themselves sidelined again in certain occupations and in certain area's where the virus will get out of control but there will also be many times that won't be playing out in other places all at the same time. It will be a balancing act trying to keep people and the economy stabilized but they have to work in conjunction with one another. The democrats are the ones who could care less than some of republicans because they'd rather hand out checks so there's no Trump recovery before the election. At least the republicans have a viable reason for wanting to wait until the additional unemployment runs out, the democrats really don't have a viable excuse because ruining a presidency just isn't a viable excuse.