Americans Will Be Banned from Europe

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--Americans will likely be banned from traveling to Europe when the EU reopens on July 1st due to the disastrous coronavirus situation in the United States under Donald Trump

Is this what being respected again looks like?

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France has never been more excited.

I guess this ban issue is actually centered on the pandemic (corona virus) which is causing severe havoc in Europe and the world as a whole. I pray for quicker remedy discovery to take away this virus. Thanks for the update.

You are about as pathetic as Europe was criticizing the US for shutting down travel from Europe. Trump should have shut them down the same time he did China since they found in many area's the virus came via Europe to America. It must be a slow news day for you to even try and argue this point, Europe stayed locked down longer, chances are their cases will also rise again, seems to be how it's all playing out. Many countries have struggled and are still struggling with this virus but because Trump is president we are the only country that is an embarrassment to the rest of the world....yeah, sure, it's this kind of failed logic that even a fifth grader can figure out as to why you guys keep losing credibility.

I think it's pretty uncontroversial to say that the US is handling coronavirus worse than almost every other country in the world right now

You know there's still people here in Michigan waiting for their first unemployment checks from the beginning of the shut down. That's on the democratic governor, the republicans begged her to give a thousand dollars from the funding she's received for the corona virus to those who have been waiting weeks to help get them by but so far she's ignored them while releasing a hundred million for rental can't eat rent money nor does it save your house. That money will likely go to those who ordinarily don't pay rent most the time anyway and find themselves in and out of the court system being evicted or running to the Salvation Army and DHS each year to save themselves from being evicted but those who work and pay their rent on time their landlords know they are valued hardworking tenants caught up in this mess and work with them until they can get their unemployment. It's always those in the lower middle class who always get eclipsed.

Another thing you fail to realize is that the federal government has little to do with how state's determine to handle the crisis, they can't dictate to the states. When you put that with the democrats loading up the next stimulus bill with unrelated virus matters causing aid to Americans to be held up like last time that's also on the democrats as they control the house. It is so bad that they had to take rental and housing assistance out of the hero's act to try and get it passed....well you know they could do the same thing with the whole bill only take out all that other garbage to get it passed but they'd rather use American suffering as a hostage to get what they want that they couldn't get during good times.

Increased testing is going to show increased cases, the same will happen in Europe as they progress with their testing. Them opening up will also show additional spikes in cases it's just a matter of time.