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Hey everyone,
Here is a video to share with you, I was in Camiguin Island.
A small island full of surprises such waterfalls.
What fascinate me is the small island that you can only access in certain time. the small white sand will be covered with sea when it is high tide.
**This video will also show you that I met some people and we hike in Mount Hibok Hibok. The highest point of the island in Camiguin.
Overall, I have to say, when you go to Camiguin Island, you can spend minimum of 3 days to discover the whole island.

Philippines is very beautiful, I am a Filipina and I am fascinated to what I discover.
I have been to so many places in other parts of the world but not my own country.
Perhaps you can relate. We tend to discover other country before ours as we have this thinking, that our own country can wait and other countries not.
Yes, I can imagine that.
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Yaaay!! Thank you.. i am happy i have you as my new friend. Oo. I follow u too and sub.❤️❤️❤️

Welcome po, naghahanap din nga po ako ng mga kabayan na sa 3spek buti nalang nakita ko post mo sa trending kaya napacomment ako agad. Cge po magaabang ako sa mga bagong videos nyu po.