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The purpose of this challenge is to push #hive into the sporting community as a brand and help onboard users into the platform.

Would also like to encourage more users to participate in the challenge to help make it global for the sporting world to embrace #hive as a brand..

this challenge is already on day 4 and day 5 will be ready for today, as day 2 to day 4 will be posted soon.

you can keep checking more videos soon.

wanna appreciate some great hiverian who already began the challenge despite no support coming but yet support in their own way to help grow and shoot the challenge to the moon and beyond.

@joetunex @nathamars @ryo-6414 @hiro-hive @theycallmedan and so on cant mention all but to my able community members for their support @hivebootcamphub thank you guys.

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Well done bro, we are going to keep pushing Hive out there till it becomes a success.

thanks boss, i appreciate your support

You are welcome bro