Homemade plam cake || my recipe vlog

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I hope everyone is well. I wish everyone a good time. I was a little busy today, but today is a holiday, so today I tried to make a new recipe and I had palm juice at home today. I tried to make a cake with palm juice I tried to capture the video and share it with you. I hope those who like to eat will like the video. Anyway friends, eating good food and balance your health.

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That's another very tasty recipe that you have shared.
I also like to eat cacke. But i never eat eat plam cacke yet. I think you enjoy this very much.

Thanks for watching my video and nice compliment .

Taler ei pitha amy onk valo lage.. Ami o basay maje maje banie family r sobar sathe vag kore khai.. Onk testy pitha.

Sobar sathe vag kore kicu khawar mojai alada.dhonnobad video dekhar jonno and comment er jonno.

Ami aii pitha ta onek kheyechi, amr onk moja lage. Thanks vabi for sharing this recipe...

Hmm apu ai pitha ti khete onk sushadu. Apnakeo onk dhonnobad apnar anuvuti share korar jonno.

thanks for made this . after long time later I ate this .overall nice .well wish .thanks for share your experience.

Thank you so much for watching my video and for commenting nicely.

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Aida sotti mojadar kisu, tobe amader ekhane dekhesi sobai duba tele fry kore ai pitha but apnake dekhlam ektu vinno vabe toiri korte. Thanks for sharing it.

Dhonnobad vaiya video ta dekhar jnno.