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RE: The Conflict We Are Seeing Is Not Unexpected

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Very true. The government won't be giving up anytime soon to take away all the power. They are destroying economies and forcing people to rely on them. The economic injustice where rules apply unequally has been proven to the masses. There has to be actual reform and I don't think it is going to come easily.

I think what Elizabeth Warren and some of the congressmen are doing as a little sketchy. The biggest issue they should be focusing on is whether or not brokers and hedge funds can do clear market manipulation. The ordinary person's risk should not be their focus. Most of these people who put money in are probably only risking a few hundred or thousand bucks compared to the billions hedge funds can lose. They understand that risks happen in the market and they signed away that when they made a stock account. The problem is that the focus of the retail crowd can easily be influenced and so long as the issue is directly in front of people's faces, the system will collapse if they don't fix it.

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They are destroying economies and forcing people to rely on them.

Trust in Math Not Politician#Bitcoin is a kind of peaceful protest against government policy over economic issue. The creation of decentralization money show public distrust to financial authorities that is kept on central banks.

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